18 January 2010

Men's bath & shower products

Everything you need for a great start in the morning and a relaxing soak in the evening.

We've got everything you need for a great start in the morning and a relaxing soak in the evening.

Meadowsweet Lemongrass Soap on a Rope, R46.00

Reviewer: Yazeed Rawood, pharmacist

“Isn’t that a bit 70s?” I thought when I was handed soap on a rope to review. Well, if it is, I’m advocating an all out 70s revival. I’ve discovered that soap on a rope is brilliant in the shower: it’s always at hand and you can say goodbye to gooey leftovers in messy soap dishes. The Meadowsweet Lemongrass Soap on a Rope is one of a range of excellent handcrafted soaps lovingly made by this local South African company. It has a lovely, fresh scent and leaves your skin soft and clean. Meadowsweet pride themselves on using only the best natural and organic ingredients in their products, which I really appreciate. This soap, which is 100 percent biodegradable, is made from pure vegetable glycerine and high quality pure essential oil. This is a great product and I recommend it highly. Meadowsweet products are available for purchase on their website:


The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash, R70.00 for 250ml

Reviewer: George Stegmann, accountant

This body wash has the distinct smell of tea tree oil, which at first can seem strong but you soon come to love the clean, fresh smell of the body wash. Tea tree is antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, and it also stimulates the immune system. This makes the product perfect for removing all impurities and leaving you with a clear skin. Furthermore the product is infused with tamanu oil which promotes the growth of healthy skin. Before I started using the product my skin was often dry, especially during the current summer months. Since using the Tea Tree Body Wash I do not have any problems with dry skin, which is great news for me! 


Yes to Cucumbers Cleansing Cucumber shower gel, R 79.00 for 500ml

Reviewer: Andreas Späth, freelance journalist

I used to think that vegetables and personal hygiene were two mutually exclusive subjects. Well, after trying Yes to Cucumbers’ Cleansing Cucumber Shower Gel, I’ve changed my opinion. This is a really nice, cleansing and refreshing body wash with a very pleasing clean and fresh fragrance. In fact it’s nothing like your granny’s old veggie patch. While the design of the bottle - industrial is the word that springs to mind - could do with some attention, the product itself is flawless. I’m particularly impressed by the fact that it contains 99.6% natural products and, what’s more, that many of them are certified organic, including organic cucumber juice, organic broccoli extract, organic olive oil, organic tea tree extract and more, as well as Dead Sea minerals and Aloe Vera. The gel is silky and smooth in consistency and that’s exactly the feeling it leaves on your skin. A big thumbs up for this one!


Nivea for Men Active3 Shower Gel, R24.99 for 250ml

Reviewer: Denzil Daniels, web designer

The fact that you can use this product for multiple purposes - as a shampoo, a shaving cream and a shower gel - has added ease to my rushed early morning routine as well as to getting ready for a night on the town. The first thing that impressed me was the refreshing, awakening, yet calming scent of the gel - it left me eager to start using the product. Using it as a shampoo was a pleasure. I was worried that I’d be stuck washing my hair with shaving foam. Turns out the gel turns into foam just the way ordinary shampoo would. As a body wash it feels as though it leaves a pleasantly fragrant protective barrier on my skin. In fact, it leaves the skin so smooth, I’ve realized that I don’t have to use lotion afterwards. After “Movember”, shaving was just what I needed. Ordinarily applying shampoo or body wash to your face wouldn’t be such a clever move, but this gel actually works like shaving foam as well, giving you both protection and that pleasant fragrance. Nivea for Men Active3 is multi-purposed, easy to use and invigorating: a must have for guys on the go and a product that I’d happily recommend to any man.


Meadowsweet Sore Muscle Soak, R59.95 for 250ml
Reviewer: Frank Sander, Creative Director, Be Frank - New Media Agency

After sampling a number of highly branded beauty products in the last couple of weeks, it was a refreshing experience to try out Meadowsweet’s new sore muscle bath soak, as it is 100% natural and made lovingly like in the good old days. Even better, it’s made in South Africa. Being a seasoned (read “aging”) football player, I can certainly feel my sore bones and muscles on many mornings these days. But since I started using this product, which contains eucalyptus oil and leaves, organic rosemary, thyme, lemon verbena and mint leaves, getting the day started has become a breeze… Just two tablespoons in a warm, freshly run bath and a 20 minute soak really help to sooth and relax my strained and tired muscles. Pure enjoyment!


Vo5 2 in 1 Elixir Shampoo & Conditioner, R19.99 for 200ml
Reviewer: Ridwaan Willemse, pharmacist

I’ve never really had time for using conditioner on my hair - it just seemed to be an unnecessary hassle without much of a benefit. But with Vo5’s 2 in 1 Elixir shampoo and conditioner combination I can wash and condition my hair in one easy step. I guess this is not exactly a new invention, but I’m pretty new to it and I have to say, it works really well. The smooth white gel works into my hair with ease and washes out easily as well, leaving my hair not only clean, but shiny and feeling light and airy. This product contains a veritable treasure trove of fancy ingredients, including avocado and jojoba oil for nourishment, apricot and almond oil for strength and grape seed oil for shine. After just a couple of weeks of using it, I can actually feel the difference in my hair and I would highly recommend it to any other man.


Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner, R79.99 each for 375ml each
Reviewer: Ben Tredoux, electrician

I’m a hard working guy who needs a hard working shampoo after a full day’s work and this stuff really delivers. I’m not usually one for fancy “male products”, so I was a bit sceptical at first, but after using the Vitamin shampoo for a couple of weeks I’m really happy with the results. My hair is clean, shiny and it smells and feels great. I even used the conditioner - a new experience for me - and I really like that, too. This shampoo and conditioner combination is sold exclusively at Clicks and the great thing is that they both contain a whole lot of special ingredients. Essential oils, minerals, vitamins C, B, E and A, lemongrass for “nutrition and balance”, coconut milk “to moisturise and enrich”, as well as antioxidant-rich noni berries. Sounds good enough to eat, doesn’t it?! Well it really works wonders for my hair, too.

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