18 January 2010

Hair products for men

No more bad hair days. Shampoos, gels and waxes to suit all of your hair care needs.

No more bad hair days. Shampoos, gels and waxes to suit all of your hair care needs.


Dominate Waxx Super Hold Hair Styling Wax, R59.99 for 85g

Reviewer: Glen Embers, student

I’m not really much of a hair styler. Well, I haven’t been up until now! But I really love this product. I love the funky fire-engine-red tub it comes in and I love what it allows me to do with my hair. I’ve taken to styling my hair depending on my moods – what fun! With this wax just about any style is possible and it lasts all day. All you need is a bit of imagination and you too can look like a male model or a movie star. The product is made from pure New Zealand beeswax. What particularly impressed me was that it didn’t leave my hair dry and straw-like and it didn’t create a nasty build-up of sticky gunk on it either. Dominate products are sold exclusively at Clicks.


Vo5 Extreme Style mattClayVo5 Extreme Style mattClay, R38.99 for 85g

Reviewer: Oliver Dunn, engineer

As far as hair clay goes, Vo5 Extreme Style mattClay is an excellent product in its price range. It's great for styling and moulding any rad hairstyle, holds for hours and doesn't leave you hair looking or feeling oily (as some other hair styling products do). In fact, it has not dried out or negatively affected my hair at all after nearly a month's use. The product spreads easily and you really only need to use a tiny amount at a time – so the tub lasts for months. It’s easy to use, too: all you do is rub a tiny amount between your fingers, apply it to your dry hair and style away. Another bonus is that it washes out of your hair really easily without any sticky fuss.


Vo5 Extreme Style Texturising Gum, R35,99
Reviewer: Frank Sander, Creative Director, Be Frank - New Media Agency

In my opinion Vo5 Extreme Style Texturising Gum is the perfect product for a guy like myself who needs to look really sharp at his all-important 9 am meeting on Monday mornings. Rushing out of the shower, you use the gum to sculpt your hair. You'll fly through traffic, run up the stairs in a breeze and just on time and after all that you’ll still look SHARP! You can easily create your own personal style at night, too. The texturising gum’s long lasting and extra firm hold will make you look stylish on the dance floor and it’s sure to impress the cute girl at the other end of the bar. This product will give you the textured style to make you look and feel confident in any situation. I tried it and as they say on the product "a little goes a long way".


Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner, R79.99 each for 375ml each
Reviewer: Ben Tredoux, electrician

I’m a hard working guy who needs a hard working shampoo after a full day’s work and this stuff really delivers. I’m not usually one for fancy “male products”, so I was a bit sceptical at first, but after using the Vitamin shampoo for a couple of weeks I’m really happy with the results. My hair is clean, shiny and it smells and feels great. I even used the conditioner - a new experience for me - and I really like that, too. This shampoo and conditioner combination is sold exclusively at Clicks and the great thing is that they both contain a whole lot of special ingredients. Essential oils, minerals, vitamins C, B, E and A, lemongrass for “nutrition and balance”, coconut milk “to moisturise and enrich”, as well as antioxidant-rich noni berries. Sounds good enough to eat, doesn’t it?! Well it really works wonders for my hair, too.


Vo5 2 in 1 Elixir Shampoo & Conditioner, R19.99 for 200ml
Reviewer: Ridwaan Willemse, pharmacist

I’ve never really had time for using conditioner on my hair - it just seemed to be an unnecessary hassle without much of a benefit. But with Vo5’s 2 in 1 Elixir shampoo and conditioner combination I can wash and condition my hair in one easy step. I guess this is not exactly a new invention, but I’m pretty new to it and I have to say, it works really well. The smooth white gel works into my hair with ease and washes out easily as well, leaving my hair not only clean, but shiny and feeling light and airy. This product contains a veritable treasure trove of fancy ingredients, including avocado and jojoba oil for nourishment, apricot and almond oil for strength and grape seed oil for shine. After just a couple of weeks of using it, I can actually feel the difference in my hair and I would highly recommend it to any other man.


Vo5 Mega Hold Gel, R44.99 for 500g

Reviewer: Simon Williamson, content producer,

I have horrible hair. It is thick and does what it wants, whenever it wants to - it needs to be held in place or it sits down in a horrible position and destroys any remote chance of sex-appeal, whatsoever. So it was a relief to find hair gel that holds it in place without making it look like I’ve dipped my head into a barrel of oil. Vo5 Mega Hold Gel holds my hair where I want it for the whole day and looks the same after work as it does 10 minutes after I put on the gel in the morning. I will certainly keep using it.


Moosehead Forming Wax, R59.99 for 100g

Reviewer: Chris Mason, surfer

Moosehead forming wax may not have the most appealing name, but at least it smells like coconut surf wax. Not to be confused with those sticky see-thru gels, Moosehead is a malleable hair wax that comes packaged in a container which reminds me half of an energy drink and half of a new-fangled kiddies play dough. It works well to give hold to whatever hair style you desire, but can make for a sticky handshake if you forget to wash your hands after application. For the first test of Moosehead, I applied a modest amount of wax to my hair and, styling it upwards like Joey from Friends, went for a walk. In less than five minutes I had received two compliments about my hair from some of my lovely neighbours. To me this is solid proof that Moosehead will get you noticed, especially if like me, you never put anything but your fingers into your hair. Unfortunately the wax is made mainly of petroleum products, so it doesn’t score highly on the enviro-scale. But then again, hippies don’t need hair-styling wax.

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