Updated 02 April 2015

10 hair removal methods for guys

Men are taking a greater interest in personal grooming and in body hair removal, but not all methods are for everyone.

Men are taking a greater interest in personal grooming and in body hair removal. Once seen as a typically female effort, it has slowly made its way to becoming a socially acceptable male effort too.

Trimming body hair is an easy way of looking after your appearance without going overboard. Trimming the hair obviously doesn't remove it, but it certainly gets rid of the excess and it keeps things clean and tidy which may make it ideal for ideas for areas such as the brows, armpits and the pubic region.

There are also no side-effects. The downside, however, is that the effects of trimming are very short-term and regular attention is required to keep things in order. 

Laser removal is not something you can do by yourself at home and has the additional downside of typically being expensive. The laser works by targeting the roots of the hair follicle to destroy it and, more impressively, it does so without damaging the skin. While slight discomfort may be experienced during laser removal, it is certainly less painful than waxing or sugaring and laser treatment can be undergone on virtually any area of the body and over a larger area than electrolysis.

Dermatological side effects of laser treatment, such as scarring and pigmentary changes, are extremely rare and often only temporary. Laser removal results are most effective on those with light skin and dark hairs because the contrast makes it easier to target the hairs.

Typically, three or four treatments will be needed to guarantee permanent hair removal and before undergoing treatment you will need to avoid any other type of hair removal that removes the hair cell, such as waxing, as this will leave the laser with nothing to focus on.

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(Professor Elna McIntosh, June 2012)


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