Updated 18 September 2017

7 makeup tips to hide allergies

Spring has sprung, which means watery eyes and red noses for many people. But a few makeup tips can help you hide those tell-tale signs of hay fever and other allergies.

Too scared to leave the house in hay fever high-season?

Allergies are often caused by environmental factors such as dust and pollen.

And even if you do want to hide inside until spring is over, you can’t (sorry!).

Fortunately, there are some easy tips to up your makeup game when heading to work.

1. Use waterproof mascara

Teary, watery eyes may cause mascara to stream down your face before you even get to the office. Switch over to a waterproof formula if you like to wear mascara, but prefer it on your lashes and not your cheeks.mascara smudge and wand

2.  Avoid makeup with shimmery particles

Mica is a colourless, odourless substance that is grinded into a powder. This is the ingredient used to give your eye shadow, blush or highlighter that glittery sheen. Mica as a solid is not toxic, but the ground version used in cosmetics can cause eye irritation and respiratory problems, especially if you are already suffering from allergies. If you are prone to eye irritation, stick to makeup products without mica (check the label) or any visible glittery particles. Also, shimmery makeup attracts attention to your already irritated eyes. Stick to neutral, matte eye shadow. 

blush swatches

3. Less is more

If you have red cheeks, your first instinct is to plaster the foundation on thick. Don’t do it. Apply your foundation with a light hand and apply more coverage if needed. If you put on your foundation in one thick layer, it’s only going to flake off. The same applies to eyeshadow – if you are struggling with red, teary eyes, the last thing you should do is pack on the eyeshadow. 

woman applying foundation

4. Avoid foundation with pink undertones

If you are prone to red skin, or skin conditions such as rosacea, stick to a foundation with a yellow tone to make your red skin less obvious. 

foundation swatches

5. Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and herbal tea can help alleviate congestion. Fluids can also replenish your skin and help to minimise patchy dry areas around your nose. Also invest in a moisturiser free from allergens like added fragrance and colourants.

woman applying moisturiser

6. Use a colour-correcting concealer

Fix dark rings under your eyes or red patches by using a colour-correcting concealer. If you have dark rings under your eyes, a salmon-coloured concealer will cancel out the tones of blue or purple. Hide redness around the nose or cheeks with a yellow or green concealer.

woman applying concealer

7. Get rid of the puffiness

Alleviate puffy eyes by placing two used green tea bags in the freezer and place them on your eyes for a few minutes before you start doing your makeup. The cold will have a soothing effect and narrow the blood vessels, while the caffeine, tannins and antioxidants will stimulate blood flow in the area. 

green tea

Image credit: iStock