Updated 10 October 2016

Sensual, sexy summer

Welcome to the festive, frisky season. A sensualist tells how you can have some sensual summer fun.


Summer. It’s the king of the seasons. The sky gets bluer, the days get longer and the great outdoors get even greater. There are fresh tastes to sample and endless free days for holiday adventures. There are beaches and bikinis and bottles of bubbly to toast under the stars.

Even better, as the temperature rises outside, the temperature inside can reach boiling point. It’s the perfect time for rekindling cooling passions and for shedding your inhibitions as well as your clothes...

Turn up the heat
Why is summer the sexiest season by far? Because the warmer months come with a sense of freedom and shedding the winter layers stirs a heightened feeling of sensuality.

There’s a theory that libidos actually rise in summer. Being outdoors – in the sun, on the beach, at the pool – encourages blood to flow to the surface of the skin. We begin to feel lighter, more in tune with our senses.

Touch becomes more sensitive. The breeze becomes a caress. Cold water on hot skin transmits a tingle of excitement. The fragrance of flowers and the colours of summer all add to a sensual explosion that needs to be expressed. You can make the most of this by being aware of the light, the heat, the tastes, the smells. And this awareness is one of the most important aspects of sensuality.

To prime your body for a sensual, sexually-charged summer experience, first take time to be fully present in the moment – whatever you’re doing. Savour that first sip of a delicious cocktail at the end of a hot day. Really taste the first bite of a juicy fruit. Look deep into your lover’s eyes for a moment and feel the physical and emotional connection.

Tease it out
Barely-there summer clothes offer wonderful opportunities for teasing your partner. A secret glimpse of skin can be very exciting when in a public place – like a quiet corner by the pool or a secluded spot in a cocktail lounge.

And the excitement is enhanced when it’s totally unexpected. Remember that men are extremely visually orientated – not that women aren't – so you can leave him tongue-tied with a flash of skin revealing what’s yet to come.

This can also bring out the exhibitionist in you, which will excite both you and your partner. In all sex games it’s important that both of you are turned on. When you see your partner becoming aroused, you’ll get even more excited and involved in the play.

Have an al fresco encounter
As the weather warms up, we invariably head outdoors. The privacy of your garden offers an immediate opportunity to experiment with new locations for lovemaking. In our beautiful country there are also many exotic places to explore – and in which to explore each other.

One of the most exciting things about naughty nooky in public or semi-public places is the possibility of being seen, of being discovered. This definitely adds to the thrill.

A quickie in a natural setting will also leave you breathless with heightened passion. If you’re still a little shy, then use these places to tease your partner with a whisper, a touch, a quickly bared patch of skin.

Get beachy
The beach can be a very interesting place if you look for a secluded spot for some private fun. The sun, the sea and the heat on your skin will certainly add to the sensual experience.

But the biggest drawback of the beach is the beach itself. A few grains of sand in certain places can be very uncomfortable – not to mention painful.

A large towel is an absolute necessity and lots of lubricant will help smooth the way. Sunburn on skin that hasn’t been exposed for a good few months is also a strong possibility. And then there’s the skin that may never have seen the sun before.

It’s one thing to explain that you got sunburnt but explaining it there is a different story. So don’t forget the sunblock – you can even use it for a sexy massage.

Prepare to bare
Preparation for all outdoor adventures certainly helps. You don’t want to kill the spontaneity but the comfier you are, the more you’ll enjoy the experience.

Water is a very sensual element for most people but it also dries delicate tissues – particularly chemically-treated pool water. So if you’re going for a sensual swim, lubricant is essential.

The dark of night brings a little more privacy and protection – but it also comes with creepy crawlies and flying friends.

A mosquito whining in your ear at a crucial moment is a definite passion killer. So even though it doesn’t smell great, use the mozzie spray – but to avoid a foul-tasting mouthful, remember where you’ve applied it!

Taste the season
Summer fruits and foods can be delicious in more ways than one. The juice of a watermelon sliding down your chin onto your body just begs to be licked.

Or turn your partner’s body into a tasty fruit platter: cut a selection of summer fruit into bite-size pieces, spread them all over, add a can of whipped cream and let the feast begin.

Remember, the simplest things can be the most thrilling. After your partner’s been lying in the sun for an hour or so, a block of ice sliding over his skin and into the secret valleys of his thighs will leave him shivering – but not from the cold!

Let your imagination go and experiment with everything the season has to offer. Summer is about fun and play. It’s about making memories with your lover that will keep you warm right through winter.

Jump in
How do you go from being a shrinking violet to a brazen red rose in full bloom? Well, you start by using your mind – the largest sex organ you have.

First, let your fantasies run free. Think about what you’d like to do with your partner and feel the excitement in your body. Then imagine it, step by step, relishing the tingles inside you.

Finally, stand at the edge... and just jump in.


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