20 November 2018

Man reveals how he lost 76kg after his girlfriend cheated on him

The ultimate motivator turned out to be infidelity.

Getting cheated on by your significant other is a heart-wrenching experience to endure; however, it can also turn out to be a powerful motivator, as this Englishman, Mike Vaughn, has come to discover.

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'Motivation to really improve my life'

Vaughn, who at his heaviest weighed a little over 200kg, was struggling with his goal to lose weight, or even control it. Then, the hammer fell: His girlfriend had been cheating on him, to boot. Despite the devastating setback, though, Vaughn steeled his resolve and put in the work to lose weight.

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“My life could have gone in one of two ways,” he told the Daily Mail. “Go back into a depression and comfort eat and go back to square one, or use it as motivation to really improve my life. I wasn’t going to let something like that destroy everything I had worked for, I would use it to spur me on and I did.”

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Since then, he’s changed his diet, committed to his fitness, and has seen major results: In fact, he’s now lost 76 kg and he’s still continuing to lose weight.

Exercise 'boot camp'

“I put everything into my diet and training, and I can honestly say now I’ve never been happier,” he said. “Since then, I’ve found the consistency that I needed so much. Her cheating was a blessing in disguise.”

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Vaughn completely overhauled his diet by cutting out chips, cold drinks, burgers, and pizza; instead replacing them with water, salads and regular servings of eggs, fish, and vegetables. But he first started to lose weight when, with the recommendation of a friend, he took part in a six-week exercise “boot camp”. From there, he joined a nearby gym, where he became a member of a group personal training programme. Since then, his heartbreaking story has culminated in a happy, healthy ending.

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