28 November 2017

Etiquette mistakes we make at gym

Mind your manners when you’re working out in the gym. Are you guilty of any of these errors?

Working out at your local gym has many benefits: You have a great variety of classes and equipment at your disposal.

But chances are there are things that annoy you and others gym users. You yourself could even be guilty of breaking some of these gym rules:

1.       Not putting away the equipment
Ask anyone who regularly works out in the free-weight section what their biggest annoyance is and it would undoubtedly be weights that aren’t put back where they belong.

Don’t be the person who leaves a set of dumbbells on the floor. If you used them, put them back where you found them. The same applies to Swiss balls, yoga mats and steps.

2.       Not wiping the equipment
We’ve all spotted the person who sweats buckets on the spinning bike and nonchalantly walks away without even wiping off the seat.

Don’t be that person. Always wipe down your equipment, including treadmill handles and weights.

3.       Hogging the equipment

We can see you! You’re occupying the last open bench, but instead of working out, you’re checking your phone for messages.

4.       Being stuck to your phone

When using your phone, please keep the people around you in mind. You could be distracting or annoying them. A lot of us use our phones for fitness apps or music, but if you have your phone with you, be mindful of how you use it. Don’t have long or loud conversations! Sending a text message or checking your phone during an exercise class is extremely disrespectful towards the instructor. Also, walking around in the gym, head down, makes it easier for you to bump into people.

5.       Overdoing the perfume
Don’t go to town with the perfume or deodorant at the gym, especially in an enclosed area like your spinning class. People might find it overpowering. And you’re going to sweat anyway, so why waste that expensive perfume.

6.       Making small talk

There’s nothing wrong with a polite smile and a chat. But if you give unsolicited advice to strangers and interrupt people’s workout, you’re being annoying. The only time to speak up and interfere is when you see someone about to injure themselves.

7.       Coming to the gym when you’re ill

Don’t be a hero! Not only do you risk getting sicker, but gyms are breeding grounds for bacteria and you can easily spread your germs around, contaminating those around you.

8.       Train in front of the equipment racks

Space might be limited, but don’t make things worse by blocking off access to the weight rack or yoga mats. Be considerate and move to another spot.

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