Updated 20 March 2014

Weird things people do in restaurants

The things people do with their food in restaurants can make you lose your appetite.

An empty stomach makes a grumpy person. Is this statement true or not? While not true for everyone, it definitely applies to most people.

Either way, when a person is hungry, their brain goes on a "world shutdown" and all you can think of is that juicy steak or burger that you are about to have.

Sometimes, depending on what you have ordered and how long it takes, the waiting can be a bit frustrating.

Images sources: Reactiongifs, Giphy and Shutterstock
  • Ever waited impatiently for your food at a restaurant and looked like this?
  • Then decided to look around the restaurant ...  And she was doing this...
  • Looked around again... Only to find her doing this...
  • Looked around some more. To find him doing this ...
  • Then you thought it’s better to just look at your own empty table. But you bump into her doing this ... 
  • And you looked like this...
  • Then you lost your appetite and did this...

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