Updated 13 February 2017

8 of the best beach workouts

SPONSORED: Beach workouts are a fantastic way to maintain your fitness.


Try one of these eight workouts on the beach to help build a beach body you can show off later.

Add an extra boost to your active lifestyle by following a healthy, balanced diet and you could also consider supplementing with a daily multivitamin to help fill nutritional gaps.

Enjoy the sun, sea and fresh air – but don’t forget the sunblock!

Make sure you warm up first with a light jog and some mobility work to stretch out especially your calves, as they can take a beating when exercising on sand. 

Beach Fitness

1. Beach sprints: Sea sand is tough to walk in and even tougher to run in. Set yourself a marker 40 to 50m apart and do 10 shuttle runs between them.  Throw in some sit-ups and squats between the runs, and in less than half an hour you will have a killer workout. 

2. Run and jump: Run 100m, then turn around and do broad jumps back to where you started. Aim to jump as far as you can with each jump and make sure you land on your heels each time. 

3. Lunge, climb push: Do 20 walking lunges, then 20 mountain climbers on each leg, then 10 push-ups. Repeat three to five times, or as many rounds as you can with good form. 

4. Surfer burpees: A beach burpee with a twist. Start on your tummy and jump up to land on both feet in a surfer-position. Do five of these, then hold the plank for 30 seconds. Aim for five rounds of this, then hit the sea to cool off. 

5. Towel workout: Roll your towel into a tube, hold it at each end and lift overhead. Do 10 reverse lunges then 10 squats holding the towel tight overhead. Release the towel, hold the ends and shake it as if you’re shaking off sand. Exaggerate the movement and do 20 reps. Repeat three times. 

6. Crawl the beach: Get on all fours and bear crawl 50m across the beach. Then get up and do 20 ice-skaters, and crab crawl back to the start. Repeat three times. 

7. Jump and push: Squat and touch the ground and then jump 180-degrees clockwise and touch the ground again, and back again. That’s one rep. Do five of these, then walk your hands out to a down dog position, and from there walk your hands out to a full plank, drop your knees and do a push-up, and then walk your hands back to down dog. Do five of these, then rest and repeat for three rounds. 

8. The grand finale:  Find a part of the beach with a small sand dune or incline. Start at the water’s edge and sprint as fast as you can up the dune. At the top, turn around and bear crawl back down. Once you get to the water, go in ankle-deep and do 10 jumping squats. Repeat three to five times, then have a swim to cool down. 

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