Updated 25 January 2017

5 summer essentials to add to your child’s school bag

Find out what your child will need for a summer-ready school bag.


Summer is around the corner and that means it’s time to consider what to add to your child’s school bag, so that even during the hours when you are not with them they have access to all they will need during the day.

The average school bag usually contains a packed lunch, juice bottle, stationery, and sometimes an extra set of clothing.

With the change of season you’ll need to pack some additional items. For example, the jersey or scarf you put in to keep them warm when the weather unexpectedly gets colder can now be swapped for a thin summer top. 


The summer sun can be harsh, so a wide-brimmed hat or a peak cap is a must for kids playing outside. In Africa it’s very important to raise your child to have healthy sun habits. 



For many children applying sunscreen is a hassle, but it is best to do it before school in the morning and then again later during the day. A spray-on sunscreen is a lot easier to apply and is a better option for kids who need to do it themselves halfway through the day.  

A long sleeved top

Keeping children covered against the harsh sun can be quite tricky when they’re running around and working up a sweat. A smart option might be to have a long linen top handy to protect them from direct sunlight while staying as cool as possible. 


Cooler bag

Keeping a packed lunch fresh is imperative when you have cold meats and dairy in your lunch box/bag. To help maintain the cold chain in the cooler bag, add a frozen brick or drinking bottle.

Water bottle

Proper hydration is important all year long, but especially during the warmer months. Persuading children to drink water can be a challenge, but having water instead of juice will reduce their consumption of sugars and preservatives.

Note:  It is not recommended that children carry a school bag that is heavier that 10 percent of their body weight, as this could cause spinal problems later in life.


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