Updated 09 October 2017

5 health benefits of a hot stone massage

You probably never knew how beneficial this treatment could be.

It’s nearly 10 months into 2017 and you’re most likely feeling overworked and suffering from fatigue. But there is nothing a little physical therapy can’t fix.

We all know that a massage can leave us feeling like a million dollars; however, most people aren’t certain which spa treatment they should choose to drain the tension out of their tired bodies – especially those shoulders. 

You may need a way to temporarily detach yourself from the crazy workload and all the challenges you faced this year.

Whatever your reason for a massage, you won't be disappointed!

Just think about walking into the parlour, getting into a soft gown and sipping a delicious drink while awaiting your turn. Blocking out the world, you make your way to your treatment room, welcomed by soothing music and calming scents.

Give your body some time to adjust to the calming surroundings, relax and soak up the goodness.

Here are five of the best ways your body can benefit and recuperate with a hot stone massage:  


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