04 December 2003

Workday blues?

However much we moan and groan, the reality remains unchanged for most people. No work, no money.


When former President Clinton was asked what he thought the worst thing was about our world, he replied that he thought it was having to get up and go to work every day.

While there might be something in that, the reality remains unchanged for most people. No work, no money.

But what can one do to brighten up the working day?

Get decent coffee. You don't have to drink five cups a day – one is probably preferable, but it makes such a difference if it's the real thing. Start a tea club with those who feel like you do.

Go for a walk at lunchtime. A bit of exercise in the middle of the day will do wonders for your health and your state of mind. Get a bit of fresh air into those lungs.

Make friends with someone at work. It makes such a difference to have one person at work with whom you have a personal connection (Not too personal, mind you. Office affairs cause lots of tears). Someone with whom you can have a drink at work or wink at during a staff meeting when the boss gets onto his favourite hobbyhorse.

Display pictures of family and other animals. In tense and stressful moments much comfort can be derived from these.

Have a sanity break. Organise lunch with friends who work in the area. A friendly face in the middle of the day, who really wants to hear about the children's birthday party you had to organise on Saturday, does wonders for the morale.

Don't dress to depress. Uncomfortable clothing, a tie that strangles or high heels that pinch are enough to spoil any working day. Send a 2-minute e-mail to a friend. Don't spend hours of working time on the internet, it could cost you your job. But it is nice to hear from a friend – even if it is only five lines.

Take note. Get yourself a pair of earphones and drone out the office noises with sounds you enjoy listening to.

Snack pack.Being hungry at work is a killer. Keep a packet of biscuits in the drawer with which you can fend off the worst hunger pangs. It will also stop you from raiding the trolley and filling your stomach with pies or chocolates.

Don't even go there. Staying out of office politics can sometimes be difficult, but getting involved in them will be even more difficult. Where office politics are concerned, there are only losers and no winners. – (Susan Erasmus)


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