31 August 2012

Are South Africans hard workers?

Our users have mixed opinions on a survey that says we work hard.


We asked users for their opinion on a study that said South Africans are the third hardest-working nation in the world.

GLYNIS TOMSETT: In the 1990’s I worked with a gentleman from the United Kingdom who was seconded to the South African operation of a global multi-national corporate. He was amazed at how hard-working and dedicated South Africans are in the workplace. At the end of his stay after 5 years he offered me a job in the company in England, including travel and accommodation expenses for 3 months. He had never before witnessed this level of work ethic from all the employees in the company. YES South Africans are generally hard workersJ It’s fulfilling!!!

 ALAN PITTAWAY: Professionals, office workers in corporate world – definitely overworked.  Long hours from personal experience. Problem often with ruthless bosses with extreme positional power ruling with the stick. The corporate world can be cut throat and the lesson to be learnt is that it is not necessarily hard work, long hours, intelligence that count but playing the social game and not clashing with the boss that is needed for survival.

Labourers, civil servants, government offices – no evidence of being overworked.

ANSIE WESSELS: What about working mothers that do not have anyone helping them at home?  We word very long hours at work and them we still have to jump in at home and everything that has to be done at home.

We asked our Facebook users if they know a lot of workaholics. Here’s what they said:

THABO TEBELE: I know few of them and lots of lazy people.

ANN JARVIS: Yes my hubby is one, not by choice though, through sheer workload and pressure.

What do you think? How hard do you see the people around you working? Mail us at community@ or comment below.

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