28 October 2010

Wonderful Wacky Office Gadgets

Here are but a few wonderful and down-right genius health-related office gadgets that you would never have thought to exist...


What do you get when you cross technology with nature? A grassy cell phone holder! Charge your gadgets and hide the unsightly cables with grass.

A bloody drink. It’s an energy potion that looks and feels like human blood, with a yummy fruity flavour and 80mg caffeine. This blood Caffeinated Energy Drink has the same nutrients of the rubicund liquid we love; it is the same colour and consistency of real blood.


The spit dart board. Want someone or something else to decide for you? Like shooting things out of straws? Then have we got the perfect product for you. Get yourself a Spit ball Dart pad or two, and never have to make a decision on your own again.

Mini shopping cart desk organiser. Here’s a fun way to store your stationery.  A super tiny shopping cart to throw all your office junk in. It has real rolling wheels and a folding kid's seat as well.


Now you can grow your  own aloe, right on your desk.  Everything you need to grow your own aloe. Sprout in about four weeks. Easy to grow, hard to kill - it has been tried! Nothing like a quick aloe drink to quinch your thirst!


USB LED beverage cooler. Check out the tiny one-can refrigerator for your desk. USB power keeps your drink perfectly chilled all day. When you open the fridge the cool blue LED light glows.

The bug vaccum. Pesky fly keeps flying around your monitor. It lands. You grab your Fly-Goodbye, cock it, and take aim. One trigger pull and a loud vacuum sound and you have the little monster trapped. Bugs are history. 

USB super 16 port hub. Never again would you have to choose which gadget to use next. This giant USB hub with 16 ports connects up to 2 PCs to the same hub.

Monkey cable organiser. This little monkey is full of love and it shows its love by hugging - your cables, that is! Keep those cables beneath your desk neat and tidy with this must have.

Gunnar computer glasses.
We’ve found a way to reduce eyestrain using science! These glasses reduce computer-related eyestrain. It is great for code monkeys and workaholics.

Roll-up keyboard. Here’s a standard USB keyboard that rolls up for easy storage. Its dust and moisture proof, and great for those odd messy days!

Mathmos Space projector. The space projector instantly turns a blank wall into a work of art. Project it on a wall or the ceiling for trippy coolness.

USB aromatherapy oil burner. Does your office stink? We’ve found an innovative way to freshen it up easily. Just plug in the USB to warm up a little aromatic oil and open up your mind by using the power of your olfactory system. Yay, nostrils!


Beanbag cellphone chair. Cell phones work hard and deserve time to chill. Introducing a tiny beanbag that holds your cell phone. It is 14 cm in diameter and fits any style of phone.   

Pico USB flash drive. The tiniest flash drive in the world. It is the smallest size yet is the largest capacity USB flash drive. It is Shock and water resistant so your data is safe, and 8, 16, or 32 gigs fit in the size of your fingertip.


Staple free stapler. A stapler that does not use any staples? Yes, it’s some kind of paper voodoo! This gadget slices and tucks papers to join them together.



 (Zaakirah Rossier/ October 2010)


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