10 November 2010

USB Stress Ball

Had enough? Here’s the perfect solution if the thought of one more spread sheet or cold call is sending your stress levels through the roof.


At Health24, we’re always looking for stress reduction tips. This time we’ve put our trust into an innovative gadget.

Have you had enough of everything? Technology has just offered a smart new stress ball that will help you take the edge off anxiety and irritation, instantly!

Here’s the perfect solution - if the thought of one more spreadsheet or cold call is sending your stress levels through the roof – this stress-relief and on-demand gadget is always ready to be of service. Plug the USB Stress Ball into your computer and squeeze the offending document into all shapes and sizes.

Your boss being nasty? Upload a picture of him and punch, crush, pull, twist, and smash the stress ball, and watch how you swoosh, squash and stretch the image of your boss’s face while letting go of your stress. 

Lose your frustration, not your job!

Unleash the frustration from your job, but not into your job! It is guaranteed to increase productivity, reduce the office mortality rate, and therefore make your workday fell less like a hard-labour prison sentence.

The red splodge fits comfortably in your hand, whether you're right-handed or left. It has a 1.2m cord that allows you to move around, and makes it safe for innocent onlookers to be around you.

The ball is an excellent way to relieve tension and help combat repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. And, not only does it provide some physical stress relief, but virtual stress relief as well.

It actually works

According to YGOY- a Health & Lifestyle Portal - stress balls are very effective stress management tools. Many people use them while talking on the phone or in meetings. It allows our attention to be diverted from the source of stress, and stabilises both the mind and body.

Stress balls improve the blood circulation and help in supplying more nutrients such as oxygen and glucose. The action also eliminates toxins such as carbon dioxide and lactate. The piled-up mental energy due to stress is then released, and your mind is relaxed. The nerves in the hands are also stimulated and these nerves carry the signals to the brain, particularly to parts that are concerned with emotions.

Interested? It costs R199 at Esquire Technologies.
To order call 0861700000 or email them at

(Zaakirah Rossier, Health24, November 2010)


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