25 October 2010

Stress Relief Gadget Gallery

Check out these office stress relievers...


Big Red Button. Big Red Button is the office appropriate version of a punching bag. Functions include “Boom,” to take out frustration by virtually destroying your computer, “I’m Working,” a working spreadsheet so your boss knows you mean business even if you don't, “Punch Up,” to upload a photo of your office foe and wallop!, “Webkey,” takes you to your favourite url, and “Take-a-Break,” because you're stressed and you need a break.

Stress Button. It has three cardiac saving modes: Explosion, Punch-Out and Worksheet. Explosion destroys your stress inducing computer task, Punch-Out lets you wail on your boss’s picture, and Worksheet pulls up an important looking working Excel sheet. Stress Button is a must-have for anyone in a high-stress office environment.

USB Stress Ball. Modern technology has provided us with a smart, USB powered stress ball that can combat modern stresses. Stress Ball can pulverize uploaded photos, destroy documents, even erases nasty emails you wish you could send your boss… and when you’re done, it will restore everything back to its original place.


Spikeman - the innovative pen holder. Stab the pens included in the set through the person, and feel your stress levels drop. Vent your frustrations on spikeman whenever you want, he doesn't mind.

Squish the Fish.
You can toss, catch, bounce and roll around this durable and bouncy aquarium for hours. If you’re stressed out, just bounce away or play catch with your cubicle buddy. Put the globe back on its stand and watch the fish swim around for hours.


(Zaakirah Rossier/ October 2010)


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