Are you ambitious?

For some people material success is the motivating force of their entire lives. They are engaged in a constant struggle to get to the top, and find these missions more important than other considerations, such as home, family and leisure pursiuits.

Others are quite unconcerned with climbing the greasy pole and are happy to live a more modest life in less stressful circumstances. Which are you? The following test should help you decide.

Did you know what career you wanted even when you were still at school?

Do you agree that 'the best things in life are free'?

Is winning important to you?

Do you work more than you have to?

Do you feel you need a high salary?

Have you got the next promotion planned?

Would you make a good ship's captain?

Would you accept a lower salary if you could?

Would you compete with a friend for promotion even though it might endanger your relationship?

Do you long to emulate successful people?

Do you feel discontent with your current level of prosperity?

Do you have a game plan for the development of your career?

Would you take a day off on the spur of the moment?

Do you admire people who are ruthless?

Would you agree that 'the love of money is the root of all evil?

Do you enjoy the luxuries that money can buy?

Who do you admire more, Madonna or Mahatma Gandhi?

Do you like to spend time messing about in the garden?

Do you think about your work much during your free time?

Is status of much concern to you?

Is it important to you to drive a new, powerful car?

Would you expect to succeed in politics?

Do you dream of giving up the rat race and doins something less stressful?

Do people regard you mainly with affection or mainly with respect

Do you ever socialise with people just because they are useful to you?