Updated 27 March 2014

Time to look for another job?

Is your company in trouble? Or has your job description changed too fast? Or are you bored to tears? You could be out of a job soon. Learn to read the signs.


Is your company in trouble? Or has your job description changed too fast? Or are you bored to tears? You could be out of a job soon. Learn to read the signs of all three these situations.
With the economy being what it is, secure employment is something of the past.

Time to spruce up your CV and start looking at the job websites? Here are some signs that it might be time.

Signs to look out for

  • The person with whom you were involved in a dispute last year, has just been promoted to a managerial position
  • You do not feel like going to work at all and are constantly off sick
  • The most challenging thing you do at work daily is to up your scores in computer games
  • Men from the Receiver’s office have been at work for the last fortnight behind closed doors
  • You caught your boss and someone from Accounts in a compromising position in the photocopying room
  • You receive a letter of warning about trivialities, such as spending too much time in the toilet or being two minutes late in the morning.
  • The boss is constantly away from the office on long trips to exotic locations and you are pretty sure she is not footing the bill herself.
  • You are suddenly and inexplicably moved to an office between the men’s lavatory and the broom cupboard
  • You are suddenly asked for ideas on how to streamline the company, or they employ what is euphemistically known as an efficiency consultant
  • You are given impossible targets or deadlines to meet.
  • From lunchtime onwards you are clockwatching
  • Your salary cheque bounces
  • You see an advertisement for your job in the newspaper
  • After years of being kept very busy, you suddenly have absolutely nothing to do as everything gets given to other people
  • You are suddenly asked to justify expenditure on things like stationery, without which you could not do your job.
  • After fifteen years with the company, you are asked to rewrite your job description.
  • Interior decorators that you did not phone, come in to come and do measurements in your office
  • You are asked to train a family member of one of the directors in your line of work
  • You arrive one morning at work only to find the offices locked, all the furniture gone and lots of other employees standing in the rain and the manager’s cellphone remains unanswered.

(Susan Erasmus, Health24, December 2011)

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