23 September 2008

The workaholic's workout

Use these exercises to loosen your limbs, and relax those muscles at work - and forget about the strange looks you might get from your colleagues.

Many of us spend most of our week sitting down in an office, grinding away at the corporate stone.

The result (apart from the usual side-effects of a sedentary lifestyle, like poor circulation, poor muscle tone and weight gain): stiff muscles, aching necks and unhappy employees.

But just because you’re confined to a chair for eight hours a day, doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to keep the blood flowing.

Welcome to Health24’s desk exercises, simple routines you can do behind your desk that will loosen your limbs, and help to maintain body activity throughout the day. Ignore the confused looks you might receive from your colleagues – you’ll be surprised at how much these little exercises can help!

Get your neck muscles loose and ready for a long day with this easy exercise:

Sitting all day behind your computer isn’t doing wonders for your posture. Sort that slouch out with these moves:

Thought it wasn’t possible to do pushups at work? Thing again:

Ever fantasised about winning an Oscar? Now you can exercise at the same time:

Put yourself back in the schoolyard with this easy stretch:

A simple exercise to relieve uncomfortable neck tension:

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