26 March 2018

How your 'better half' can increase your job success

A diligent spouse can spur one's professional success in a number of ways.

The expression "my better half" – used to describe one's spouse – may be more than a cliché.

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis conducted a five-year study that involved nearly 5 000 married people of all ages, and included questionnaires about spouses' job satisfaction, raises and promotions.

Easing the tug of war

Their findings show that having a spouse who scored high for diligence as a personality trait leads to greater career success for both people. In fact, in three-quarters of the couples, both partners worked outside the home.

A diligent mate spurs one's professional success in three identifiable ways:

  • Having a partner who takes the lead on household responsibilities frees you to devote more time to your work.
  • It translates to less stress for you, and eases the tug of war that often exists between your work life and your home life.
  • You're likely to be inspired by your spouse's diligence and apply that ethic to your job, a trait your employer is likely to reward.

Though people look for many different traits in a spouse, knowing the effects that a spouse can have on your work life may make it all the more important for a very career-oriented man or woman to look for a mate with a diligent and supportive nature.

Image credit: iStock