10 September 2010

Play the office doc

Check out these physical signs of what health problems your colleagues could have.

At work you and your colleagues probably aim to look your best - unless you work at, where the idea is to look dead. But there are physical signs that are easy give-aways of health problems. Here’s what to look for.

The ears
A vertical crease in the earlobe means trouble, of the sort that claims one in three lives in the Western World in the form of heart disease and strokes - arteriosclerosis. The crease is caused by clogging of the arteries that feed oxygenated blood to the ear. As the disease progresses, the crease will deepen. If you spot it, you could advise the owner of the ear to see his or her doctor. Some serious changes in lifestyle are likely to the result of the visit: a low-fat diet, a programme of exercise, cutting back on booze and caffeine, and - obviously - giving up smoking. Saving the boss’s life may be beneficial to your wealth.


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