Updated 17 November 2017

Which office bathroom habits are the most important?

Can you maintain your professionalism in your bathroom cubicle?

In an average office building, we share a bathroom with more than fifty people, but unfortunately some users are not as hygienic or respectful as they could be. A hygienic bathroom comes with patrons cleaning up behind them.

We all have witnessed unbecoming or rude behaviour in the office bathroom, lacking in personal hygiene and etiquette. These habits are ranked from bearable to disgusting - we all have our own boundaries.

We put together a selection of bad habits of which you can tolerate, by selecting "yay" or "nay" you can indicate the importance of each habit.

Failing to practice proper hygiene may pose serious health risks and may spread infectious diseases in the workplace.

We have a list of the disturbing habits witnessed by fellow colleagues. Swipe "yay" if you think it is very important and "nay" if you can live with it and it is not that important:

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