09 July 2018

6 articles you should read about staying healthy in the office

Today Corporate Wellness Week 2018 comes to an end and we wrap up with some of our top articles about staying healthy at work.

You spend a large part of your day at work, so you want to be in a healthy environment.

If you work in an office, you are subjected to shared spaces and germs; stress that takes its toll on your immune system and mental health; and air-conditioning that triggers allergies – not to mention the temptation of unhealthy snacks from the vending machines and the treats offered at meetings.

We take a look at some of our articles on office health:

1. 5 diseases you can pick up at the office

In this article, Health24 takes a look at the diseases you can pick up in your office. “The size of an office space in addition to the number of employees plays a role in the spread of illnesses in the workplace,” says independent registered practitioner, Dr Aaseema Mugjenkar. “The more confined and crowded the work place is, the easier the spread of infection.”

The workplace is a breeding ground for germs, but if you know the dangers, you have ammunition to prevent yourself from getting ill.

2. 7 exercises you can do at your desk

Are you sitting at your desk and feeling guilty about yet another gym session you will be skipping this afternoon? You can benefit from these seven easy moves you can do at your desk. According to the National Health Service of the UK, there is increasing evidence that we sit too much, especially in a desk-bound job.

Why wait? Sneak in these moves – or go out for a walk during your lunch break.

exercising at desk

3. SEE: How long should you take sick leave?

Are you currently battling flu or a cold and not sure whether you should call in sick for one more day? It’s not only the fact that you are contagious, but also the recovery process that makes sick days vital. Your symptoms might be clearing up, but your body needs a chance to bounce back.

man sick in bed

4. Mental health in the workplace – what you can do to help

According to Dr Renata Schoeman, a psychiatrist from Cape Town, mental health should be regarded in the same light as any other illness and be treated accordingly.

The fact that one in four South Africans suffers from depression means that it is not unlikely that you or a colleague are sufferering from a mental illness. This article gives insight on how to help a colleague and be more mindful of mental health issues in the workplace in general. 

5. Unhappiness at work may lead to ill health

If you are not happy at your current workplace, you might not be doing your health any favours. According to this article, job dissatisfaction in your 20s and 30s could lead to health problems later in life. 

According to Seth Kaplan, an associate professor in industrial/organisational psychology at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, "having an abusive supervisor, not having control over one's work, and having to worry about losing one's job" are some of the key factors that could lead to unhappiness at work.

It's okay not to feel perky at the office on a Monday, but if you find that you are constantly unhappy, you need to assess the situation and determine whether the specific role is right for you. There are also ways to boost your overall happiness at work, such as adding variety to your workday, making an effort with your outfit and being positive and friendly towards your colleagues.

happy colleagues at work

And finally...

6. Why people eat these 5 stinky foods at the office

Are your colleagues driving you up the wall by stinking out the shared kitchen? This is why it is best to avoid these five smelly foods. Office etiquette is part of a healthy work environment, so remember to be considerate to your colleagues when preparing your lunch.

This article provides insight into ways to make some foods less pungent so that you can be healthy and considerate at the same time.

eating smelly food at desk

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