08 June 2018

This new iPhone feature is aimed at fighting your phone addiction

During the recent release of their iOS 12 software, Apple revealed new well-being features aimed at tackling smartphone addiction.


Tech giant, Apple Inc. have released their new iOS software, boasting a number of features aimed at improving the well-being of users.

One of the new features incorporated in the iOS 12 software is one called screen time. It tracks your usage and sends you weekly reports to tell you what you're using and how much it's distracting you. 

Smartphones can affect sleep

Parents whose children have the devices, will receive usage reports, showing them what their child is most distracted by. 

Children and teenagers shouldn't be spending too much time on their devices, and late last year CNN reported that up to 50% of teens feel they're addicted to their mobile phones.

A name has been created for the fear of being without a mobile device, or more specifically a cell phone – nomophobia.

Apple also boast new features in their bedtime mode, allowing users to darken their screens at night and hide notifications until the next morning.

This may prove to be a rather important feature seeing that studies have shown that smartphones and similar devices can affect sleep. It's believed that the light from smartphones, tablets, laptops and similar devices might lower levels of melatonin – the hormone responsible for prompting sleep.

While cellphone technology has done wonders for humans, it has also proved to be harmful in some respects. For one, it has been proven that everyone, not only millennials, can become addicted to their smartphones – something the company is trying to prevent, or at the very least minimise.

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