Beating depression after retirement

Many of us equate the word “retirement” with relaxation, holidays and sleeping late. But for some, it can be the start of depression.

Life after retirement

Not so long ago things appeared to be more ‘simple’ – you finished school, you went to work, when you got to 65, you retired. For most of us this is no longer true.

What is financial psychology?

If you live beyond your means, carry excessive debt or have frequent battles over money with your spouse, your problem may not be in your bank account - it may be in your head.

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E-cigarettes: Here are five things to know

E-cigarettes have become hugely popular in the past decade, but a rash of vaping-linked deaths and illnesses in the US is feeding caution about a product that's already banned in some places.

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Ditch the itch: Researchers find new drug to fight hives

A new drug works by targeting an immune system antibody called immunoglobulin E, which is responsible for the allergic reaction that causes hives.