Would you survive disaster?

No one really believes they’ll have to deal with a disaster – until it happens to them. Would you know what to do? Find out if your survival skills are up to scratch, and test your general knowledge about natural and human-induced disasters.

Which one of these tips for survival during an earthquake is incorrect?

If you find yourself trapped in rubble after an explosion or other disaster, the first thing you should do is:

Which of these was not a highly destructive and deadly hurricane:

In 1952, a toxic mix of dense fog and coal smoke killed thousands of people over the space of about four days in which city:

Fast-flowing flood waters are already considered dangerous – either to walk or drive through – when they are only as high as:

You are trying to escape a burning building. Which of the following tips is not good advice?

In the worst industrial disaster in history, in Bhopal, the majority of deaths were caused by damage to the

If you’re told to stay inside after a nuclear accident or blast, the following won’t help to protect you from radiation:

If you are out in the bush and a veldfire is rapidly approaching, which of these would likely be the worst course of action?

Which of the following statements about tsunamis is false: