12 October 2007

Enviro crisis spurs organic trend

The organics industry will boom in the next decade – not because it’s fashionable, but because we have little choice.

The organics industry will boom in the next decade – not because it’s fashionable, but because we have little choice.

“The growth of organics is linked to food security and global warming,” David Wolstenholme, director of the Natural & Organic Products Exhibition told media attendees at the opening of the Exhibition in Cape Town on Thursday.

Governments worldwide fear price escalations and food shortages in view of the fact that the world population is steadily growing. Wolstenholme explains that a rush to produce more food depletes natural resources and leads to food production by artificial means – a situation which inevitably destroys the environment.

Africa has halved its food production in the past 30 years. To make matters worse, other countries such as China are now starting to use our resources for their own gain.

It can be assumed that food insecurity on the continent will continue to escalate in coming years.

Reversing a destructive situation
However, by investing and supporting environmentally friendly, sustainable farming methods, this destructive situation can be reversed, according to international experts.

The organic movement means good health for humans and the environment. It’s about removing the 700 000 chemicals that have been introduced into the agriculture, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries since 1950.

“When you choose chemical-free, natural and organic products, you’re voting for your family’s health, for food safety and for making a difference to the environment,” Wolstenholme and his fellow exhibition organisers say.

Committed to the journey
The Natural & Organic Products Exhibition, which takes place from 12-14 October in the Cape Town International Convention Centre, is now in its 4th year, and has grown from 64 exhibitors to over 200.

This year, the exhibition has widened its focus to include environmentally friendly home, garden and textile products and, for the first time, will be introducing established international organic exhibitors.

Attendees are generally a unique blend of business and consumer visitors who all have one common goal: to see the innovations, the new products and understand the latest trends and opportunities this fast-growing industry has to offer. – (Health24, October 2007)

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