Updated 27 September 2013

Go vegetarian - we dare you!

Vegetarians are challenging non-vegetarians to go meat-free for World Vegetarian Month.

Vegetarians are challenging non-vegetarians to go meat-free for a month (or just a week or a day if a month is too scary), kicking off on World Vegetarian Day this coming Tuesday, 1 October.

The aim is to win more converts to a meat-free diet - or at least a meat-light one, which, in addition to its health and animal rights benefits, also gives  the environment a break by reducing the demand for livestock farming – the most resource-heavy form of food production with the highest carbon emissions.

Non-vegetarians can return-challenge the herbivores in October by asking them to give  their lifestyle a healthy tweak too: walk to work, say, or cut out the booze.

And if you need more reasons to celebrate the meat-free lifestyle, this is the time of year to go crazy with the nut roasts and tofu:
  • 27 September: Hug a Vegetarian Day
  • October: World Vegetarian Awareness Month
  • 1 October: World Vegetarian Day
  • 2 October: World Farm Animals Day
  • 4 October: Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals
  • 16 October: World Food Day (about world hunger and food security, not stuffing ourselves) 
  • 1 November: World Vegan Day

- Olivia Rose-Innes, EnviroHealth Editor

(Picture: vegetarian bbq from Shutterstock)

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