16 April 2012

Do cell phones give you cancer?

We haven’t been using the technology long enough to be sure. So far there's no overwhelming evidence that cell phones cause serious problems, but caution is still advisable.


We don’t know for sure yet; people haven’t been using the technology long enough for us to be sure of the health effects.

So far there is no overwhelming evidence that cell phones cause brain tumours, or other serious health effects in humans.

Nevertheless, studies have turned up enough disturbing findings to warrant caution in how much we use cell phones.

For example, it appears that cell phone use causes temporary raised blood pressure in blood vessels in the head, which may be dangerous for people at risk for stroke or heart attack. Other studies have found that cell phone radiation causes cell damage in animal test subjects. Medical experts remain concerned about the long-term effects of cell phone use on children’s developing brains.

- Olivia Rose-Innes, EnviroHealth Editor, Health24, April 2012


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