Updated 24 July 2019

Four outrageous surgical transformations that’ll leave you stunned

From Ken, the real-life doll, to parrot man – some people have undergone shocking body modifications.

From Ken, the real-life doll, to parrot man – some people have undergone shocking body modifications.

We’ve compiled four of the most outrageous surgical transformations people have undergone to resemble their obsessions.

And while some of these transformations might’ve cost them millions, these enthusiasts have stopped at nothing to reach their goal.

Parrot man

Ted Richards from the United Kingdom underwent extensive surgery to resemble the colourful bird.

The self-described “parrot man”, who made an appearance on TV show This Morning, revealed that he tattooed his face with feathers, cut off his ears and – despite the risk of losing his sight – had his eyes coloured with ink.

Real-life Ken doll

Justin Jedlica, who has famously become known as the human Ken doll, underwent 340 cosmetic procedures to modify his body, according to The Sun.

The American man even underwent a life-threatening surgical procedure to remove veins from his forehead, E News reports.

Angelina Jolie superfan

Sahar Tabar from Iran, claimed that she had undergone 50 surgeries in her quest to look like Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

She’d gained notoriety for her “zombie-like” appearance which she’d enhanced using Photoshop and make-up, The Sun reported.

“It’s a way of expressing yourself, a kind of art. My fans know that this isn’t my real face,” she said.

Real-life Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova, who hails from the Ukraine, is one of the many Barbie superfans who surfaced a couple of years ago, after mimicking the dolls appearance. She first dyed her hair platinum blonde, then underwent breast implant surgery – the only procedure she was willing to discuss, reported GQ.  

Valeria expressed hopes to one day survive on “air and light alone”, following her claims of not being hungry for days, according to Huffpost.

Sources: Instagram, GQ, This Morning, The Sun, E!News


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