Updated 25 September 2020

Human Ken doll Justin Jedlica wants to be 100% plastic

Justin Jedlica has gone under the knife close to 200 times in his bid to look like the Ken doll and his path to perfection is not yet over.

It was just four days after Justin Jedlica turned 18 when he climbed onto the operating table and underwent his first cosmetic surgery.

"Before I had even graduated high school, I began searching for a plastic surgeon to "fix" my nose. I was seventeen. My family was not supportive of my decision to schedule my surgery. Therefore, without their blessing, I was forced to wait until I reached the legal age of consent, eighteen," Jedlica writes on his personal website.

The now 34-year-old from New York, who has gone under the knife 190 times, adds: "I plan on maintaining my looks and continue to present the most optimal version of myself."

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In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail Online, Jedlica admitted that he is addicted to plastic surgery. He has had work done on his buttocks, stomach, biceps and triceps and his latest procedure was very dangerous.

Jedlica risked losing his eyesight, to remove what he described 'Julia Roberts' veins in his forehead. He explained to the Daily Mail Online that the procedure involved going through the inside of his eyelids to burn the veins off.

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He also told the news agency that plastic surgery is a means for him to express himself artistically. In fact, he enjoys drawing and sculpting so much that he handcrafted implants that was used to enhance his back.

"I designed and handcrafted each piece to make sure they matched the Ken doll aesthetic," he was quoted as saying.

Jedlica says on his website that he was drawn to the arts while growing up. "I had an intense passion for sketching and sculpting the human form, for music and for performing."

According to his website, the "aesthetic innovator" is also willing to custom design implants for other people

Have a look at some of his images:

Justin Jedlica: Gallery

All set to head into the O.R. for my last little "tweek" on my back.... Let's do this!!! @ #BeverlyHillsSurgicalCenter

A photo posted by Justin Jedlica (@justinjedlica) on

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