Updated 11 June 2014

Breakthrough device tells you how old you really are

A recently revealed piece of technology measures body chemistry to determine your biological age

A recently revealed piece of technology measures body chemistry to determine your biological age.

The TruAge scanner uses scientifically-proven methods to measure what are referred to as Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs). The machine measures the levels of AGEs in both the skin and blood to determine how much stress your body has gone under and your resulting biological age.

Your biological age is arguably more important than your actual age given that it affects everything from your mental abilities to your life expectancy. Indeed, scientists argue that your actual age is merely an indicator of what your biological should be.

If your biological age is older than your real age, you should adjust your lifestyle to be more healthy. Conversely, a biological age lower than your real age is indicative of an excellent lifestyle and one that is likely to extend your natural life span. 

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AGE's have shown strong relationships to a wide range of degenerative diseases including diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and severe kidney problems. The compounds affect virtually every kind of cell in the body, hence them being a stong indicator of the body's global condition. 

It is believed that AGEs speed up oxidative damage to cells which is the primary mechanism by which humans age. The more AGEs you have, the faster you will age. Managing one's AGE levels is thus key to slowing down the ageing process. 

Factors that increase AGE levels

Smoking - tobacco contains large numbers of AGEs which are introduced in the manufacturing process

Diet - meat and butter are particularly high in AGEs.

Cooking - Dry cooking methods like frying, roasting and baking produce far more AGEs than boiling or stewing.

Factors that decrease AGE levels

Exercise - exercise speeds up the metabolism of AGEs and thus increases the rate at which they are removed from the body

Vitamin C - this essential vitamin slows the formation of AGEs in the body but cannot prevent them from entering from elsewhere

Taurine - the signature ingredient in Red Bull is effective in minimising the impact of AGEs

Resveratrol - this compound, which is found in red wine, can prohibit AGEs from having negative affects on the body.

The scanner is backed by over 100 scientific studies, suggesting that the theory is sound. TruAge scanners became freely available for doctors to buy earlier this year and should begin showing up in South African practices soon.

Sources: Daily Mail/Morinda/Journal of the American Dietetic Association

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