08 December 2008

Novel anti-ageing substance found

Scientists recently identified a substance with DNA-protection and -repair properties, and have developed a functional, bottled drinking-water with anti-ageing abilities.

A team of medical researchers have identified a natural substance with the ability to protect cells against DNA damage and thus against degenerative disease of ageing.

Prof. Ron Pero and his team of researchers from the Lund University in Sweden identified quinmax, a very specific chelated form of quinic acid – and not oxindole alkaloids, as scientist believed since the 1960s – as the active ingredient in the plant Uncaria tomentosa. Quinmax not only acts as a DNA-protector, but boasts even more potent anti-ageing abilities; it actually helps to repair DNA damage.

For generations, Asháninka Indians in Peru used teas made of the bark or roots of Uncaria tomentosa as a contraceptive, as well as for the treatment of a variety of health disorders including cancer, arthritis and infectious diseases.

Years of research
The identification of a chelated from of quinic acid called quinmax and the proof of its DNA-repair properties in clinical studies followed after years of research by different research teams to unravel the secrets of this plant extract.

Numerous in vitro and and in vivo studies published in international scientific journals have shown that the chelated form of the extract has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, cytostatic, anti-mutagenic and anti-tumor properties.

The research team led by Prof Pero, of the department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Lund University, has also shown that combining a purified form of quinmax with ammonium ions creates a functional anti-ageing water that enhances the ability of the substance to protect and repair DNA.

Speaking from Lund in Sweden, Pero described the findings as “a positive step towards halting degenerative disease”, and the results as “beyond our expectations”.

“It is amazing, but not unexpected that one of the answers to DNA protection and repair comes from a natural substance. It has been there all the time. We were able to find the maximised effect by identifying the correct combination of quinmax and specific minerals in water. I am thrilled that our research has come full circle; we can bring the consumer a product - in this case a functional anti-ageing drinking water - with proven DNA-repair properties, as well as anti-inflammatory and other properties.”

The recent findings were published in the International Journal of Immunopharmacology and the Journal of Anti-Ageing.

Astonishing results
Studies have shown that supplementation with the maximised formuale used in the new bottled functional water led to a 31% increase in DNA repair in humans.

The functional water responsible for the high rate of DNA repair in cells, will soon be available in South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom. It will be sold as a neutraceutical water, with the brand name Aqua Bimini.


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