Updated 23 March 2015

What's your diagnosis? – Case 2: eye pain

This week our patient presents with a sudden onset eye pain and seeing bright halos around objects. Are you the next McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy? Try solving our case in this week's What's Your Diagnosis?


Mrs P (60), a retired school nurse, while driving to the shopping mall, experienced a sudden onset pain in her right eye after a car swerved across her lane. Due to the severity of the pain, she pulled to the side of the road, and then started feeling nauseous.  At first she thought it might be due to the bright sunlight irritating her eyes, as she wasn't wearing her glasses as usual. 

Mrs P phoned her daughter to come and help because she was too afraid to continue driving. She became more concerned when she noted bright halos around the objects in her car. 

Apart from taking a light antidepressant she has no other medical condition and has had no prior surgeries. 

Mrs P’s daughter took her to her local GP who was very concerned about her symptoms and what he found on examination. He made an urgent referral to a specialist.

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Hint: What might be the cause of her sudden onset eye pain?

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