Updated 09 July 2015

What's your diagnosis? – Case 18: boy with persistent fever

A young boy has a persistent fever which does not react to pain medication. Have a look at the GP's notes and see if you can figure out what's wrong with him.


Mrs K takes her 3 year old son to the GP complaining that the boy has had a persistent fever since the previous day. She tried giving him pain and fever medication, but his fever remains high.

The following is a summary of the GP's notes:


One day history of persistent fever: often above 39.5

Mother reports upper respiratory tract symptoms since about a week ago, but the runny nose, slight cough and teary eyes have now cleared.

Continuous crying: escalated last night. 

Was constipated about two weeks ago

No medical history

Growing well

Feeding well

Immunizations up to date

On Examination:

Child warm to touch. Not jaundiced, pale, dehydrated 

Small lymphnodes in the neck

Cardiac and respiratory exam: normal

Abdominal exam: normal

Neurological exam: normal

Ears: red tympanic membrane left ear, right ear difficult to visualise eardrum because of wet wax discharge.

Nose: yellow muscus noted

Throat: significant post nasal drip. Tonsils slightly enlarged.

Side Room:

Temperature: 38.7 degrees Celcius

Based on the above information, what is the most likely diagnosis?

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