Updated 12 March 2019

ADVERTORIAL: Help create a movement to change SA’s Health Status

5 questions, 5 answers what & why Day One Campaign. 1 Million moms sign the pledge for healthy change. #MillionMoms

Q1: What is the Day One Campaign all about?

The first day of “big” school is a great milestone for children, but also for parents. It is fuelled with emotion because it’s a step towards their child’s future.

South African parents; especially, are acutely aware that education is a global equaliser. Already parents have hopes that their children will have the option of becoming doctors, teachers, lawyers and nurses. In preparation for this day, the right school has been carefully selected, safe transport planned, and uniforms and books bought.

However, this formula is incomplete if the right foods are not given to provide the nourishment growing bodies and brains require.

Numerous research studies show that we face a nutritional crisis, with experts concluding that for the first-time parents may outlive their children. The time to correct nutrient deficiencies is now.

The Day One Campaign was launched in 2018 by Danone with the aim of increasing awareness around the positive contribution good nutrition makes to school performance, and what better time to activate this initiative than on the 1st day of school.

Q2: How will the 2019 Campaign be launched?

On 8 January 2019, Bordeaux Primary in Johannesburg will host a Day One festival. Parents of Grade 1s have been invited to don their old school outfits, even if it’s just a school tie to show their support for their children and help ease the tension around this new and scary chapter of their lives.

Parents and children will experience an edutainment activation to draw their attention to improving their nutrition, and parents will be invited to pledge for a healthier change.

The school activation will be supported by four radio stations, Hot 91.4, Jozi FM, Algoa FM and Vuma FM which will have roving reporters at 12 schools across the country, and their broadcasts will impact over 1 million listeners. The objective is to motivate parents to pledge their commitment to healthy change.

The Pledge for Healthy Change will enable us to gauge how successful we were at creating awareness and motivating moms / caregivers to consider the behaviour change.

Q3. What does Pledge for Healthy Change mean?

It focuses on five simple solutions to help moms achieve better nutrition for their families, and we aim to reach a million South African moms, hence the hashtag #MillionMoms.

The pledges were carefully selected to positively correct our eating habits. Health happens every day. It happens when we as moms (and dads, grandparents and caregivers too) choose the foods we buy, what we prepare, and what we do to set the right example for our children. Children often do what we do.

They say what we say, they act like us and they’ll probably eat like us too. You have the power to lead a healthier nation and correct the deficiencies.

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Moms can pledge now to help their children take 5 simple actions:

  • Eat breakfast every day.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruit every day.
  • Have milk, maas or yoghurt every day.
  • Drink more water every day.
  • Move more every day.

Q4: Why is Danone driving this campaign?

The early years provide a crucial window of opportunity to establish healthy eating behaviour in our young children. Danone wants to serve the community they work in by offering healthier solutions for the whole family.

Danone wants to be part of the solution and the campaign is an enabler to guide South Africans on making better choices. Danone wishes to build allies and partnerships with academics, government departments and other industries to shift the dial and positively impact health.

In addition to the activation, Danone will also provide educational posters to 2 500 schools to guide children on how to choose healthier foods, the correct portion sizes, and how to support a healthier planet by reducing, recycling and reusing valuable resources.

Q5: What can one expect if they join the 1 Million Moms Pledge for Healthy Change?

The Pledge for Healthy Change is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Better eating has many improved outcomes: benefits include good eyesight, strong immune systems, high energy levels, strong bones and a sharp mind all means strong performance for the whole family.

Moms will be supported through “Mom Chat Monday” to connect with nutrition experts who will provide tips and advice to help moms keep to the pledge. The platform also allows moms to speak to each other and to learn and share experiences on how to make eating pleasurable.

Moms can get weekly recipes and menus on-line too. So, there are many reasons to pledge now on

For more information please contact: go4word: Kim Phillips

One Planet One Health expresses Danone’s ambition to reconnect people with the food they eat.

More human in nature, the company brand identity carries a new sense of optimism, embodying positive change while building on the pioneer spirit that the company has always had. In 1972, the first Danone Chairman and CEO Antoine Riboud said: “There is only one earth. We only live once”.

Those words kick-started a vision that lives on today: to bring health through our company and its ecosystem, to our planet and to generations of people, now and in the future.

About Danone (
Dedicated to bringing health through food to as many people as possible, Danone is a leading global food company built on four business lines: Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Products, Early Life Nutrition, Waters and Medical Nutrition.

Through its mission and dual commitment to business success and social progress, the company aims to build a healthier future, thanks to better health, better lives and a better world, for all its stakeholders—its more than 100,000 employees, consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders and all the communities with which it engages. With our products being present in over 130 markets, Danone generated sales of approximately €22 billion in 2016.

Danone’s brand portfolio includes both international brands (Activia, Actimel, Alpro, Danette, Danonino, Danio, evian, Volvic, Nutrilon/Aptamil, Nutricia) and local brands (Aqua, Ble´dina, Cow & Gate, Bonafont, Horizon Organic, Mizone, Oikos, Prostokvashino, Silk, Vega).

Listed on Euronext Paris and on the OTCQX market via an ADR (American Depositary Receipt) program, Danone is a component stock of leading social responsibility indexes including the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, Vigeo, the Ethibel Sustainability Index, MSCI Global Sustainability, MSCI Global SRI Indexes and the FTSE4Good Index.