Updated 11 May 2016

Poll: What's most important when choosing sports nutrition supplements?

Using the correct supplements is vital to ensure that you're consuming a balanced diet and ingesting all the necessary vitamins. But what do you look for when choosing sports nutrition supplements?


Whether you’re looking to tone up, build muscle or lose some weight, a good protein or meal replacement shake could be just what you need to help you on your journey.

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Since there are so many different products to choose from, finding the sports nutrition supplements which best suit your needs and goals may be a tiresome task.

Cipla Nutrition wants to make this easier by finding out what your sports nutrition needs are.

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Tell us below: What's the most important factor when choosing sports supplements?

About Cipla Sports Nutrition

The South African sports nutrition industry has in the past focused on delivering products to a very specific target market – mostly bodybuilding and professional athletes.

This made the category intimidating, not easily accessible to, or understood by the general consumer that wishes to live a healthier lifestyle.

Cipla Nutrition has made massive strides in demystifying the sports nutrition category through the introduction of simpler & easier to understand product labels and full transparency with regards to ingoing ingredients.

The tagline ‘Science of Success’ reflects Cipla Nutrition's unique quality offering, backed by cutting edge innovation, strict regulatory controls and best practice manufacturing principals.

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