Updated 29 February 2016

CNT Labs in hot water over banting claims

Real foods don't come in bottles, Professor Tim Noakes tells Health24 after pharmaceutical company CNT Labs was asked to amend its banting-friendly claims.


Professor Tim Noakes has warned people that the banting lifestyle of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet is about eating real foods.

"The key to the success of the banting movement is to eat real foods that contain fat. These do not come in bottles – they come from the farm," he told Health24.

Noakes, who is a sports scientist, was responding to a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASASA) against CNT Labs' Banting Support Range products.

A growing success

The banting movement was strong because it promoted real foods, Noakes said. "If it's processed in any significant way and contains many added ingredients, then its not likely to be 'real'," he said.

Three complaints were lodged against the CNT Labs, which is a division of California Pharmaceuticals, about its "approved Banting friendly" claim relating to internet and social media advertising.

CNT Labs, which supplies stores including Clicks and Dischem, did not respond to ASASA's queries, but it was ordered to withdraw its claim immediately as it was found to be "misleading" and "dishonest".

Logo is still advertised

However, Health24 found that it is still advertising the product range, which include Low Carb Protein Drink, Digestive Tract Cleanser and Appitex Appetite Support, with the "approved Banting friendly" logo on the company website.

banting products

Image: Screen grab from CNT Labs' website on its banting range with the "Approved Banting Friendly" logo.

Mokgosi Rampa, ASASA consultant for appeals and compliance, told Health24 that the matter was being investigated. "Please note that the matter is still under investigation in respect of compliance issue."

Ignore advertising

Real Meal Revolution Managing Director Jonno Proudfoot told Health24: "There is no such thing as banting approved because we have never approved anything."

He noted that banting was a philosophy of education and empowerment. "Educate yourself and ignore advertising."

Proudfoot said creating a body that authorised banting endorsements was not in line with the banting philosophy.

"We want people to think for themselves and decide what they are willing to put into their bodies," he said. "We’re not going to fight advertising with more advertising. We will fight it with education".

Health24 contacted CNT Labs for comment and was not able to get a response from the pharmaceutical company.

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