Updated 07 January 2014

The Mad Swim is on!

Thane Williams and Jonno Proudfoot will be the first people in history to attempt this 'impossible' swim. In March 2014 they will attempt to swim 500km from Mozambique to Madagascar.

Two swimmers will attempt to swim 500km from Mozambique to Madagascar in just 25 days. It will be recorded as one of the longest official stage swims in history.

Thane Williams and Jonno Proudfoot will be the first two people in history to attempt this deemed impossible swim and they won't be using any wetsuits or breathing apparatus – only their swimming briefs and cap. 
The swim aims to raise funds and awareness for the Miles for Smiles foundation which inspires individuals to go out and make a difference in the lives of those around them by challenging themselves to achieve the impossible. 

In 2010 Health24's then editor Heather Parker visited Madagascar to see firsthand how Operation Smile was working to repair cleft palates in children. 

Thane and Jonno will then deliver the Ignite Hope Journal to the President of Madagascar who in turn will enter into the diary what he feels will 'Ignite Hope' for the future of Madagascar and Africa.

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How the swim will work:

• It is a staged swim which means GPS coordinates are taken when swimmers leave the water to rest. They start each swim from the same point they got out after the previous swim.

• It is an unassisted swim, which means no shark nets, no wetsuits, no cage, no flippers and no breathing apparatus.

• Leaving point will be Nacala on the central east coast of Mozambique. Landing point will be 200km south west of Mahajanga in Madagascar.

• They will be at sea for a maximum of 35 days.

• The total distance of the swim is between 460km and 500km. This could be much longer if the currents don’t play ball.

• They expect weather and dangerous sea life to cause hindrances in their swimming routine and as a result will need to average 20km a day. 

• Right now (January 2014) the boys are practising by swimming 100km per week. 

Why do it?

This "mission (im)possible" is in aid of raising awareness and  funds for a foundation called Operation Smile. The boys will be swimming under the “Miles for Smiles” banner. The Cipla Foundation was formed to assist

Operation Smile in creating awareness for the plight of children born with cleft lips and palates and raise funds to perform corrective surgery on them. The foundation has a fundamental aim to inspire and challenge individuals to go out and make a difference in the lives of those around them, by challenging themselves to achieve the impossible.

For more info contact or visit Miles for Smiles Mad Swim. Follow all the action on Twitter: @themadswim

Watch: Jonno Proudfoot and Thane Williams talk to us about The Mad Swim

Note: For part two of this video interview, visit our YouTube page where you can learn more about Miles for Smiles.


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