Updated 05 February 2015

Two Oceans expert training videos

Whether you're running the Old Mutual Two Oceans half or full marathon in April, UCT sports scientist Dr Ross Tucker has some step-by-step videos to help you train your best.


Training for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon? Here are invaluable tips from a top sports scientist, Dr Ross Tucker, on how to perform your best on the day. 

Dr Ross Tucker is a well known Sports Scientist, working with UCT and the Sports Science Institute. He has done extensive research into the performance of the human body during exercise - both in normal conditions as well as extreme and endurance events.

He encourages all to adopt the attitude of the greatest runners in the world, the Kenyans.  "They accept no limits from anyone.  We too often accept limits that are not real, they are handed down to us by others who don't believe in us, and who tell is "It's too hard, you can't do it".  The mindset of a champion is to say "I will discover my own limits, and I will be positive and enjoy it while I do".  And you are a champion, that mindset can be yours."

Visit Ross's Corner on the Old Mutual Two Ocean's website for more information and follow him on Twitter

In this first video Dr Ross Tucker talks about performance and how to build the right training programme that will best suit your needs. His tips include picking a programme and sticking to it, as well as being specific about how and when you train.

The second episode is more focused on the importance of a good pair of running shoes and the controversy surrounding whether they prevent or cause injury as well as a discussion on pronation and over-pronation. If you're thinking of investing in a new pair of shoes before race day you should watch this episode.

In Ross's third episode he looks at three types of running technique, namely foot strike, body alignment, position of the head and arms. He demonstrates how to be a more efficient, faster and injury-free runner.

The fourth episode features Ross interviewing a dietician about the types of food you should beeating in the lead up to the race while you're training, what you should be eating in the week before the race and what you should eat on the day of the race. 

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