01 November 2006

Run with Maryann: Week 5

"This week, the main change we did was on our Wednesday run, doing a time trial over 2,5km," writes Maryann, who is training for a 10km race.

Your training should look a bit like this, 3 sessions, in the 5th week of training towards doing a 10km race:
Warm-up walking for 5 mins, then
5 min. run
2 min. walk
5 min. run
2 min. walk
15 min. run
2 min. walk
5 min. run
warm-down walk

This week, the main change we did was on our Wednesday run, doing a time trial over 2,5km. We met at Rondebosch Common, where Celtics running club have their 5km time trial every week. (Most running clubs have such a thing, so you can find one in your area and regularly go there to see how your fitness has improved over time, and join the running club!)

The new thing about doing a time trial, is focusing on pacing yourself over a set distance instead of just running for a certain time, which I find so much better as you can push yourself and know how you have done, against previous times.

Doing our 2,5km, the wind was blowing Cape-style and the one stretch was quite a challenge, and I did my 2,5km in 16 minutes. Slower than expected, but the slow build-up in this programme has meant that I have actually lost some of my fitness, and now that we are picking up the pace and distance that we run, it should come back. I keep telling myself how much better it is to be doing it this way, as I am less likely to get injured.

Speaking of injuries, we had some input on strengthening your core muscles this week.

I find it so difficult to explain what core muscles are, but it has a lot to do with why everyone is doing pilates these days! It has to do with posture and stomach muscles and being more stable, all the things that sitting at a computer all day destroys.

I would suggest going to a physio or pilates instructor and getting them to show you how to strengthen your core muscles. There are subtle exercises that can build up this “core” strength. I found that seeing a physio meant I really knew what the core muscles were and how it would help me. - (Maryann Shaw)

Don't forget to stretch. Here are the 12 best stretches.

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