Updated 19 March 2015

My 8 week journey to the 21km Two Oceans Marathon – week 5

You will not believe this: I'm five weeks in and my journey takes a twist – I'm injured!

The worst thing that can happen to anyone at this stage of their training (less than a month before the marathon) is an injury.

After facing my mental demons and running up about a hundred hills, I sustained an injury. Talk about irony! When all I wanted to do was quit, my body wanted to keep learning how to run. Now, when all I want to do is run, I can't.

Fortunately I'm being treated by the best: The Sports Science Physiotherapy Centre. According to my Physiotherapist, Damian Swartz, I have a common runner's injury – a tendinopathy in the inner ankle.

It is painful!

The injury is causing stiffness in the inner calf and causing a loss of strength in my lower left leg. With the Two Oceans happening in less than three weeks, I am worried that I might not make it!

But, the guys at the physiotherapy centre have been passionately strategising my recovery and Damian Swartz didn't waste any time after making the diagnosis.

The treatment process

Firstly he massaged the injured area. This was torture as my calf muscles were extremely stiff. Then we moved on to Shock Wave Therapy. This was particularly interesting. The physiotherapist uses a machine that looks similar to a gun and passes shock waves (short but intense energy waves) into the tissues.

The idea is to cause microtrauma to the tissues so that new blood vessels can be created to re-stimulate and speed up the healing process.

As if that was not genius enough, Damian also appointed a biokineticist, Rodet Yila, who specialises in rehab training to help me to get moving again. 

Though the treatment has not been easy, it has taught me that now I really am a runner. I have learnt that, like all dedicated runners, I can work through the pain in my quest to make it to the starting line. 

More from my physiotherapist and biokineticist in this video:

To everybody out there reading this and who have contacted me or chatted to me during the training run – you guys have been an amazing part of my journey. Your tweets and Facebook messages have really helped keep me motivated. 

Please continue to share your experiences by using the hashtag #OMTOMInspiration on Twitter.

You can follow me on Twitter @Yentl_Barros, as well as my team mates Martin – @Martinbeta1, Neil – @NeilCarrick and Bronwyn – @BronskiBean.

Also, if you are concerned about your injury, have it checked out at The Physiotherapy Centre.

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