09 April 2014

Pick your sport and get your dream body

Every woman dreams of a body shape they prefer to have and with the following sports it is possible.


The human body shape is a complex phenomenon with complicated detail and function. The general shape of a person is defined mainly by the moulding of skeletal structures, as well as the distribution of muscles and fat.

People have different body shapes identified and explained as follows:

Triangular body shapes

Triangular body shapes have broad shoulders and narrow waist. These individuals have muscled legs and arms with minimal fat covering their bodies. They have strong athletic bodies and are neither underweight nor overweight.


Apple shapes have narrow shoulders and narrow hips. They have a slender and thin shape, having thin arms and legs, and have minimal fat and muscle on their body. They are long and lean and have a hard time gaining weight.


Pear body shapes are prone to accumulating fat around their bottoms and thighs. They gain weight more easily than other body types, especially around the hips and buttocks. They are heavier individuals but that doesn’t mean that they are overweight.

Different sports require a person to have a certain kind of physique however not having the precise body shape does not mean you do not make success of your chosen sporting career.

Following are 6 sports and the body shapes they create

Swimming: A body shape is above-average height, broad shoulders, long arms, a long torso, a flat abdomen, a thin waist and powerful legs which are ideal for success in swimming. Lea

Ice Skating: Shorter, lighter/petite with slightly shorter limbs best for overall body control, faster spins and stronger lower bodies to jump high.
Tennis: Muscular physique with strong legs, broad shoulders and back, thanks to the explosive power used to dash around the court, volleying and serving.

Running: Long distance runners are average height with a light, slim build and thin legs whilst sprinters are taller and tend to have a more muscular build with narrow hips.

Field hockey: Need same qualities as a sprinter runner as it requires running skills the most, flexibility and upper body strength.

Boxing: It is a full body work out that focuses on strength, endurance and speed. Boxers aim for lean yet strong muscle mass all over.

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