Updated 10 July 2013

Find the time to ride

Finding the time to ride during the week can be difficult. Here are a few tips on finding the time to ride, without getting fired or facing the wrath of your family and friends.


Ride early in the morning
Set your alarm for 5am and get your rides in before the rest of the household is even awake. You'll find you will be extra productive too.

Commute to work
A two hour ride can be split into two one hour rides. Pack your bags the night before (or better yet take a bag to the office the day before) and ride to and from work.

Added bonus is you don't have to sit in traffic and you get your required training in. Commuting is easier than you think - read our list of the common commuting problems and how to solve them.

The roads near you too busy?
Drive to the nearest safe cycling area and ride from there. This will mean waking up even earlier, to allow for extra driving time, but try and plan to ride near your work so this will alleviate driving time from home to work in rush hour.

Take a spinning class
Spinning might not give you the same benefits as time in the saddle, but it is great for fitness and strength. And since you never "rest" on a spinning bike, a 45 minute spinning class can equate to 1h30 minutes on the road.

Try not to substitute all your rides with a spinning class, but when time is tight this is a definite alternative.

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