11 February 2003

Age 8-9

Team sports games with rules will begin to make a bigger impact on a child with more mature physical skills.


What an 8-9 year-old can do

  • Have much greater stamina
  • Show more interest in organized team games
  • Be able to differentiate left from right

Basic coaching plan for grade 0- 3 pupils – by the Neil Hosken Coaching Academy

10 minutes: Bowling exercise – bowling at a single stump in pairs. Giving the coach opportunity to correct style and problem areas.

10 minutes: Fielding exercise – basic catching, throwing and advanced techniques for better fielding.

10 minutes: Batting – 'shadow shots' where children practice basic shots used in a match, coach uses these basic shots to correct any flaws in grip and technique of pupil. The more advanced the group, the more advanced the shots.

30 minutes: Match play – here the children must apply the 3 main skills learnt in the first half of the lesson in a match situation.

How you can help
Focus on individual strengths – if a child is not interested in team sports, help develop other talents or individual sports – like gymnastics, ballet or swimming.

Throughout all activities, always ensure a balance between learning and fun.

For more information call the Neil Hosken Coaching Academy on (031) 201 5609 or e-mail them on




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