11 February 2003

Age 11-12

Most children will notice some physical changes as their bodies start to enter puberty, leaving them feeling awkward and unattractive as their physical bodies mature. They should be encouraged to lead an active life to lay the foundations for good habits later in life.


By 12 once all the basic skills are in place, talented and enthusiastic players should now be concentrating more on individual skill technique to improve weak areas of their game.

What an 11 to 12-year-old can do

  • Enjoy the challenge of learning more complex physical skills
  • Understand how to use basic rules and tactics in competitive games
  • Perhaps want to get more involved with group sports

Practice plan for 11-12-year-olds – by the Neil Hosken Coaching Academy

Lessons are taken in the nets where each child is given a period to bat, while the remaining boys bowl. Nets should be divided into strong and weak groups so as to have strength on strength as much as possible.

Time must be set aside for fielding where catching, stopping and the basic concepts of fielding are practiced until done with ease.

Lessons should alternate between nets and a pitch practice, where boys practice under match circumstances. The coach must use this time to coach fielding positions as well as basic game strategy.

How you can help

  • Ensure safety – children need the right equipment for a sport e.g. cricket pads, and gloves
  • Encourage a healthy diet – prepare lots of vegetables and keep healthy snacks in the house for after school
  • For more information call the Neil Hosken Coaching Academy on (031) 201 5609 or e-mail them on




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