05 August 2009

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A bruised ego may be the most common sports injury, but sprained ankles send more men to the ER.

A bruised ego may be the most common sports injury, but sprained ankles send more men to the ER. Find your game to see which injuries are endemic to it, and start playing defence.


Most common injury
Ankle sprain

How to avoid casualty
Wear ankle braces, says Dr Nicholas DiNubile, a Men's Health sports-medicine advisor. The steel stays guard your ligaments, while the laces stabilise movement.

Go to casualty when…
You can't put half your body weight on it immediately, says Dr John Turner.


Most common injury
Cuts on the head and face

How to avoid casualty
When you need to stop abruptly, shift your weight towards the rear of the bike while gradually squeezing the front brake hard and the rear brake easy.

Go to casualty when …
Pressure won't stop the bleeding after five minutes, or you see another layer of tissue, says Turner.


Most common injury
Finger fracture

How to avoid casualty
Squeeze a stress ball for five minutes a day to strengthen your grip, says DiNubile.

Go to casualty when …
You can't bend your finger normally after three to five days.


Most common injury
Bruises and abrasions on face

How to avoid casualty
Avoid a fastball to the face by wearing sports sunglasses with maximum peripheral vision and minimal glare.

Go to casualty when …
The bruise or abrasion swells immediately or is contaminated with dirt or gravel, says DiNubile.

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