Updated 27 February 2019

Couple loses more than 90 kg together before wedding – and their transformation is incredible!

This couple decided to shed a few pounds ahead of their big day.

This couple decided to shed a few pounds ahead of their big day.

Mary Jane and now husband Alex O’ Toole from Florida, US, embarked on their weight loss journey after a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom two years ago, Pop Sugar reports.

"It's an amazing adventure," Mary Jane said. "We saw the photos and made a decision to change our eating habits.”

The couple used their upcoming wedding as motivation to lose weight and tracked everything they ate.

Alex reportedly lost 75 pounds (around 34 kg) in his first year and Mary Jane, whose main motivation was to fit in her wedding dress, lost 135 pounds (61 kg) in two years.

"I decided a long time ago that I was going to buy a 'straight' sized wedding dress.

“I was determined to not have to pay more for fabric," she said.

The newlywed told WKMG News6 that she manages her diet by focusing on the number of portions she eats daily.

"I just make sure to log what I'm eating, whether it's rice cakes or Rice Krispy treats, into the Lose It app to help keep my portion sizes under control and help me stay on track to achieve my goals," she said.

Mary started the Instagram page called Then and Now to encourage people not to give up and persist with their weight loss Journey.

“It’s never too late nor are you too busy to take control of your body,” she captioned one of her posts.

“No one can make you change. It was a conscious choice every day to keep going.

“Also! I was already logging my calories in the left picture, change takes time. Be patient with yourself.”

Sources: Pop Sugar, WKMG, Instagram




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