19 August 2016

Catch up on the best lifestyle stories of the week

It's the weekend so put your feet up, relax and catch up on our best lifestyle stories.

It's the weekend so put your feet up, relax and catch up on all the latest lifestyle stories.

From hosting an Olympic-themed kids party to spicing up your workout to making creamy scrambled eggs like a professional chef, there is something for everyone to read.

6 easy ways to make your workout fun again

No matter how much you love your workout routine, doing the same thing over and over is bound to get boring after a while.

Take inspiration from these 6 fun ways to exercise. 


Host an Olympics birthday party!

Celebrate your child’s big day with an energy-packed Olympics party.

olympic theme party

Study: Sharing chores leads to better sex

Want to improve your love life with your live-in partner? Science says you should share the household chores.

intimate couple

WATCH: How a professional chef cooks scrambled eggs

Master the art of making your own deliciously creamy scrambled eggs with this sneaky tip!


Bring on spring: 50 reasons to get excited!

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes a bursting selection of festivals and events. Take a look.


Banned Audi R8 ad: 'Whomever complained should get a life'

'I think the advert is linked to speed', 'This means no manufacturer can show off a car's acceleration,' readers respond to a banned Audi R8 advert. No punches were pulled...


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat: We go behind the curtain

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice`s first mega-hit returns to Pieter Toerien’s Theatre on the Bay stage this August, dynamically reimagined. The blockbuster musical has garnered rave reviews in Johannesburg where critics have hailed it as a "brilliant, pulsating, sparkling light-and-sound extravaganza!" The dazzling production opened on 12 August 2016, and is directed by Paul Warwick Griffin.  

joseph technicolour

(Photos:Nardus Engelbrecht/Channel24)




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Avoid germs at the gym to protect your skin

The bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause skin infections love warm, moist places like sweaty exercise equipment and locker room showers.