Updated 12 January 2015

This gym programme plans to take Cape Town by storm

Researched Innovative Performance Training (RIPT) is a new high performance gym programme designed to optimise group training.


The Sport Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) is continually looking for innovative ways of getting people physically active, as well as improving the sporting performance of athletes.

What sets us apart – is that any programme or service we offer, is evidence-based, an application of new scientific research, and as close to global best-practice as we can make it.

Maximum gains for members

Our latest innovation, aptly named RIPT, is Researched Innovative Performance Training classes that will take Cape Town by storm in February 2015.

Gym Africa has partnered with the SSISA, and is fully equipping our new high performance gym and RIPT training area. The equipment choice is based on ongoing research by Hammer Strength, Life Fitness and Force USA with the intention of providing an optimal training environment with maximal gains for members.

In parallel with this, the RIPT programme intends to optimise the benefits of group training through the application of validated training programmes, along with effective assessment and monitoring of the members.

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In the last decade, group-based high intensity interval training, effective for fitness, weight-loss and performance training, has taken off globally.

Body weight and cardiovascular exercises, functional, circuits, strongman and Olympic lift type movements form the core of such workouts. 

The SSISA experts have formulated the training programme, RIPT, using all these exercises modalities, but with the intention of optimising performance gains and reducing injury.

Fitness goals assessed

On joining RIPT, each member will have their fitness goals and current familiarity and proficiency with the training equipment, assessed.

Classes will be instructed by biokineticists with 3 streams catering for varying ability levels. These factors will ensure a safe and professional training environment.

Although there will be a competitive element for those who enjoy competition, the bigger emphasis will be on correct form and technique. So if you are keen to train in an intense, but safe group environment with experts showing you how RIPT is for you.

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Classes kick off 2 February 2015 and there is a special introductory offer of R600 per month for the duration of the month. For more information click on the RIPT logo on ssisa to see more.

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